Combine Spanish clases with Aragon

 Time to get the spanish language fluent?

Time to get fluent in Spanish. Do you want to combine fun and enjoyment but at the same time learn more.

Interested in learning Spanish in Aragon?

Combine 7 days of intensive Spanish and get to know Aragon. 

We give you the opportunity to come to genuine places, have unique experiences with experienced teachers who speak both English in addition to Spanish of course.

The program includes food, accommodation, teaching materials and excursions every day. 

What is not included is the trip to Aragon and insurance.

(See more about route 66 at the bottom of the page)

If you are traveling from Torre Vieja, there are opportunities to book a place in a minibus for good prices at each course.

The course cost only 380 euros per person. 

Too good to be true? No, but on the other hand, it is first come, first served.

 We have a maximum of 10 people per week. (Teaching takes place in groups of 5 people).

If you want more information or to guarantee your place, write to

So what about excursions around Aragon?

Get to know "Route 66" which discovers the origins of the Kingdom of Aragon

Aragón is a pioneer in Spain in Slow Driving, a successful tourism product launched in 2018 with sixteen road routes. What does it consist of? There would be no better definition than an Aragonese Route 66, that is to discover unknown and unusual corners of our region behind the wheel.

One day it's the turn of the Origins Route of the Kingdom of Aragon. A leisurely tour allows you to discover, in two stages, the origins of the Kingdom of Aragon, visiting places such as the impressive monastery of San Juan de la Peña with its royal pantheon and the valleys that gave rise to the birth of Aragón, Hecho and Ansó, the greenest valleys of the Aragonese The Pyrenees.

There are various possibilities for designing the group. Combine equestrian sports with Spanish lessons. Combine wine tasting, ceramics and art classes, excursions to Zaragoza and surroundings. Write your wishes and areas of interest.


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