Bbeabridge Spring Event

  Bbeabridge Event Bbeabridge Event On 4 May 2024 (Junkergatan 1 in Örnsberg. Tbana Örnsberg Stockholm). Activities throughout the day You're welcome! Confirm when and which activities you will participate in: 10 am - 12 pm Language Café for those who want to practice Spanish/Swedish At 3 - 4 p.m. Try a light session (free of charge) (registration mandatory, otherwise subject to availability). At 4 - 5 pm We talk about the trip to Santiago Compostela that has been organized and we have room for more if there is interest. We will also see pictures and talk to people who have experience. At 17 - 20 Bring som food och share and come and have fun with us! We eat and share experiences, get to know others. Music and good company There will be try on activities during the day by our members who want to show off and promote themselves: For example Facial treatments for SEK 250 Activities for Children Free coffee for members If you are not a member yet, visit our website o

Fear or Freedom

 Mentor course: Entrepreneurship, Mastermind and Alternative Economy Course objectives: Giving participants a basic tool and understanding of how the new era's economy looks like and what we can do to prepare. MasterClass: Upgrade your way of thinking for success Introduction: Do you have a nagging feeling that you are not reaching your full potential. It's something that is missing. Take it calm then, it is very common. We humans know what we know and we know what we don't know. Have you ever thought that most things in life are in an area where we have no idea that we have no idea. We don't even know that it exists. That is why we need all mentors and even coaches on and off. Mentors and "Forrunners" thus people who have made the trip slightly before us. The fourth industrial revolution: an opportunity for all The fourth industrial revolution (4ir) is a time of enormous change To achieve freedom and security: a personal journey Freedom and security are two b

Become Entrepreneur

  An entrepreneur can help a regular worker achieve a cooler lifestyle and explore alternative paths to financial security in the following ways: 1. Create new opportunities: Entrepreneurs can create new jobs and business opportunities by starting new companies or investing in existing ones. This can provide regular workers with new career paths and a chance to earn more money. 2. Share their knowledge: Entrepreneurs can share their knowledge and experience through workshops, courses, or mentorship programs. This can help regular workers develop new skills and start their own businesses. 3. Invest in social projects: Entrepreneurs can invest in social projects that aim to improve the living conditions of regular workers. This can include projects that provide education, housing, or healthcare. 4. Promote a culture of entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs can promote a culture of entrepreneurship by inspiring and motivating regular workers to take risks and chase their dreams. Here are so


 To entrepreneurs, innovators, you with visions of the future. Do you know @media My name is Hannika and I´m indeed interested in this market rolling out, as an opportunity to income stream for us  Översättningsresultat ÖversätSo many people are looking for customers, opportunities to earn an extra penny, to stretch the cash  This is an exciting project and an interesting market that has been dominated by money and power in the past. Now, thanks to the effects of the digital world, advertising will be a natural form for small and medium-sized businesses (sme enterprises) to access, where you as a business owner will only pay for the ads seen by clients that are interesting to you. You choose how and where you want to be present and are free to choose when and to whom your ads should be addressed. Cool system! For you as a customer, life is even better, you can earn money by having our media box installed on your computer, game screen or the screen you watch movies on, via netflix or an

What about Crypto

 What do you know about Crypto? Here I talk a little generally about crypto for those of you who are new to the industry and want to understand a little better. (For beginners) Further down the page there are links to a number of places where you can look a little more yourself if you wish. Here is a list of the most common cryptocurrencies  Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Ripple (XRP) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Binance Coin (BNB) Cardano (ADA) Where do I get crypto? There are many, you can have a look at some on the buttom of this page. I recommend Blocktrade due to the security and the academy free of charge press here The pros say Diversify your income streams. (Find different ways to invest in). If you haven't heard it before, it might be a good tip. No one knows for sure what will happen to the economy. However, it is certain that our previous system as we know it is changing. It is not surprising considering that most things have undergone major changes in the last 100 y

A Cool Business

 Business in Africa? Kenya, Cap Verde, South Africa, are now included. We are now opening Africa's 74 countries in the near future.  We a group of leaders are together building a platform for shopping. What does it mean? In the same way as Spotify, Uber Taxi, Airbnb, we are a platform between Trading & Services and customers Customers save money when they buy things they will buy anyway. When they go through us, they get CB (CashBack) and points (SP, shopping point). Companies get an opportunity to be seen, market themselves, get more customers and turnover. A group of people who are entrepreneurs have the opportunity to market the platform and build a business without risk. To invest and build a hen that lays golden eggs becoming shareholders in MyWorld, which in turn owns Travel World. Success is a collection of solved problems Lets have a look at our mentor from Norway Mr Arnt, level 8 The collection of solved problems is, will be and has been the same. = We MINDSET: WHAT I

Modern Economy

  Modern economy, what does it mean? Let's take a look…Are you familiar with this? Crypto Passive income Residual income Shares Network More sources of income Investments Marketing business Affiliate program System Not modern economy = Steady job, own business We know what we know; We know what we do not know; Most of us are in the area where we don't have a clue that we don't have a clue Mentorship and Coaching I personally think that the wisest thing we can do is to have a mentor or Coach. Naturally, I myself have had many coaches and mentors, therapists. Schools, educations and life experiences.   Here is a link to the Coolest Business by my measurements and experience. We can offer you to send us a hello. Let´s see what you are looking for. The ones who are looking for Freedom or getting out of the hamsterwheel or similar. Send us an email.